Digital eye strain

Older woman with eye pain

With the increasing use of digital devices, many individuals suffer from eye discomfort after prolonged screen use
(more than two hours). This is known as digital eye strain.

Did you know that 83% of Americans use digital devices for at least 2 hours daily? Adult Americans report experiencing the following symptoms of digital eye strain.

  • 32.4% experience eye strain
  • 27.2% experience dry eyes
  • 27.7% experience headaches
  • 27.9% experience blurred vision
  • 35% experience neck and shoulder pain

Did you know that 70% of Americans report their children are exposed to digital devices for at least 2 or more hours?

  • 5% experience neck and shoulder pain
  • 8.8% experience headaches
  • 9.1% experience dry, irritated eyes
  • 15.2% experience a reduced attention span
  • 27.9% experience blurred vision

Tips to avoid digital eye strain

The Vision Council recommends individuals and their child(ren) visit an eyecare provider to discuss their digital habits and what solutions are available to relieve the symptoms of digital eye strain.

  • Be sure to get an annual eye exam to see if the eye strain is from digital devices and whether you need new prescription glasses or lenses.
  • Take frequent breaks from using digital devices
  • Reduce overhead lighting to eliminate screen glare
  • Position yourself at arm’s distance away from the screen
  • Increase text size on devices to make the screen more readable
  • Blink more and look away from the screen every 20 minutes

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