How Vision Insurance Can Benefit Your Active Duty Family

See why having vision insurance for your military household is a savvy move.
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Keeping an active duty household together takes a special touch. Part of that skill comes down to maximizing your dollars spent—especially when it comes to your insurance. With this in mind, you may be wondering whether you need vision insurance coverage?

Of course, vision insurance covers the cost of annual eye exams. But annual eye exams are more than simply checking if you or your family members need eyeglasses. In many cases, your eye doctor is best positioned to detect signs of issues. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma and some types of cancer.

Coverage for your kids is critical and extends to chronic conditions like dry eye. The cost of vision insurance will likely be much lower than paying out of pocket at the eye doctor.

BCBS FEP Vision provides you with a great value in coverage, including fully-covered comprehensive vision care exams for all members. Take a look at these other great benefits:

Convenience is king

Access to over 125,000 independent providers and national retailers.

  • Providers and retailers include Walmart, America’s Best, Warby Parker, LensCrafters, Visionworks, Costco, Target Optical, Pearle Vision, Sam’s Club, MyEyeDr., Vista Optical in Select Military Exchanges and more

You can also use benefits to shop online at,,,, or Beginning Jan. 1, 2024, you can also shop at and

Frame allowance

Available at independent providers and national retailers, High Option members get a $200 frame allowance, which covers about 90% of national retailers’ frames in full.

High Option and Standard Option also get an additional $50 frame allowance by shopping at MyEyeDr.

You can also access an extensive, fully-covered Exclusive Collection of frames, each valued up to $195.

If a prescription changes for children age 13 and under, you are covered for a second in-network vision care exam—and get benefits for a second set of frames with lenses.

  • You may also opt for covered prescription sunglasses, instead of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

And because you appreciate the art of savings, you get access to exclusive health and wellness discounts on brands you love with Blue365®.

24/7 tools and resources

Download the free BCBS FEP Vision mobile app so you can always access your coverage info along with helpful tools and resources. Click here to learn more.


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