5 Reasons to Choose High Option

We offer two great vision plans, High Option and Standard Option, both with full coverage for vision care exams, polycarbonate lenses and scratch-resistant coatings. To help you choose which plan is right for you and your family, here are some reasons High Option might be your best choice. Please note that this information is based on 2024 plan benefits.

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Larger Frame Allowance

Enjoy a $200 frame allowance with High Option compared to $140 for Standard Option. Plus, both plans include an extra $50 frame allowance at over 800 MyEyeDr. locations. High Option members have a $250 frame allowance in total compared to Standard Option’s $190 frame allowance.

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Transitions® Lenses at No Extra Cost

Step into the sun with ease. Transitions lenses, which adapt to light changes, are fully covered under High Option. With Standard Option, the cost is $65.

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Progressive Lenses for Less

See the world clearly, near and far. High Option also covers standard Progressive lenses in full and offers a $50 lower copay on Premium, Ultra and Ultimate Progressive lenses compared to Standard Option.

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Affordable Anti-Reflective Lenses

Reduce glare, not your savings. High Option offers lenses with anti-reflective coating at a $15 lower copay for all tier levels compared to Standard Option.

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Optimal Contact Lens Benefits

With High Option, you get a $150 contact lens allowance compared to Standard Option’s $140 allowance. Plus, High Option gives you full coverage for your regular contact lens evaluation, fittings and follow-ups. If you have specialty contact lenses, High Option gives you a $60 allowance.

With High Option, the savings are clear. In fact, the amount you get for your frame allowance is more than what you pay in premiums for the whole year—over $50 more per member.

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