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Vision Care Glossary

Vision Care Glossary Father showing digital tablet to son while studying at table

Addition (Add) Dioptric power added to a distance prescription to accommodate some finite distance such as for reading. The dioptric power of a bifocal segment. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) An acquired retinal disorder characterized by degeneration in the central (macular) area of the retina. This is the leading cause of blindness in persons over age […]

What is retinal imaging?

What is retinal imaging? Close-up of an eyeball

Retinal imaging is a digital image taken of the retina, blood vessels, and optic nerve located at the back of your eyes. These images can assist in the early detection and management of certain eye diseases, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, and hypertension. How is Retinal Imaging Done? Retinal imaging is a simple, non-invasive procedure. […]

Set Children Up for Success This School Year With Healthy Vision

Set Children Up for Success This School Year With Healthy Vision Young girl doing school work on laptop

With children returning to the classroom this fall, many parents, guardians, and caregivers are busy buying school supplies to set them up for a great school year. However, they may not be including one of the most important steps for ensuring children’s long-term success in their back-to-school prep list – an eye exam.

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