How to avoid surprise bills

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Do you have a vision care visit in the near future for yourself or a loved one? If so, you’ll want to get the most out of your Blue Cross and Blue Shield FEP Vision coverage. That means choosing an in-network provider for your care.

In-network vs. out-of-network

Participating (in-network) providers

These providers agree to accept our payment as payment in full for their services. You will only be responsible for your copay, if applicable, and/or member cost for lens options and treatments.

Non-participating (out-of-network) providers

Out-of-network providers do not agree to these terms. A visit with these providers will cost you more.

Know your benefits

To get the most out of your vision plan, you should understand your benefits. For example, your eye exam will be free if you see an in-network provider and you’ll likely save hundreds of dollars on your eyeglasses or contacts.

Use your benefits to get the best eyewear

Though choosing attractive eyeglasses and the best frames for your face shape is important, the quality of vision the lenses provide is what really matters.

Features like anti-reflective coating, photochromic lenses and progressive lenses are helpful if you want clearer vision. However, the added cost of these premium products can stretch your budget. Make sure you understand the cost of these additional features. Refer to your benefits summary or call customer service at 1-888-550-2583.

Setting up your vision appointment

No one likes surprise bills. Avoid the unexpected by following these steps before your next appointment:

  1. Review your benefits
    Sign in to your benefit account on this website to make sure that the service is covered before scheduling an appointment.
  2. Find a participating provider
    Use our directory here or via the BCBS FEP Vision app. Download it on the App Store® or Google PlayTM.
  3. Provide your ID number when making your appointment
    Independent providers carry the Exclusive Collection frames, but retailers do not. However, your generous frame allowance can be used at any location.
  4. Ask questions
    Contact our customer service representatives with any questions about potential out-of-pocket costs by calling 1-888-550-2583.

Save time and money with online retailers

Did you know you can use your BCBS FEP Vision benefits online? Shop at one of our in-network online retailers:,, and Learn more on our benefit info page.

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